5 Essential Benefits for Using CBD Oil

Alright, let’s take you into a day in the life of a budtender as this is something we experience all the time! It usually starts like, “Hey, I was out with some friends, and they were telling me about something called CBD. Do you have any of that?” The short answer is yes.

So, let’s go through some highlights on the top 5 benefits of CBD that could be for you. However, let’s set up a quick baseline on finding CBD and the two paths to contact. The first thing you might do is jump on the internet and search CBD Calgary or CBD near me, but what you should know first is do you want to purchase recreationally or medically.

If you would like to pursue it medically, there are plenty of marijuana clinics in Calgary. The doctors can work directly with you to manage your medical needs and balance the use of CBD and Cannabis. The medical system will provide you with outside Canadian Licensed producers to purchase online from and mail directly to you. There is no cannabis. delivery currently that is legal

However, you can also go recreational to any Calgary Dispensary as it’s very likely a dispensary near you will have CBD. Keep in mind that Dispensaries will be unable to provide you with medical advice. For the rest of the blog, we will be talking about the recreational benefits of CBD.

  1. CBD Provides an Outstanding Balance. CBD mixed into your cannabis routine can help balance your experience with THC. When the two are combined, they both affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, regulating your overall experience. This, you might find, will soften the negatives of a Sativa or balance the sedation of an Indica.
  2. It Won’t Take Away Your High. It’s a common myth the CBD will distort or reduce your high. This is a myth outside substantial doses of CBD. In both our Chestermere and Calgary locations, we get asked about CBD taking away from your high, almost a weekly thing we hear.
  3. CBD Helps Bring You Back to Your Natural You. Because of the way CBD binds to your receptors and how it interacts in your body, it acts as a relaxant. We like to think of it as turning the volume down on the noise of life. This can be used in many ways during your day. We find many people use it at night for rest as it allows them to feel calm before bed. Using it for work is also great if you have a busy schedule or stressful deadlines.
  4. Lots of Options. The most common way to use CBD is CBD Oil. CBD Oil is often mixed with a carrier, and very typically, it would be MCT Oil. The reason this is the most common is many people, once they are using CBD, use it daily. So other methods become cost-prohibitive. CBD oil can be produced and sold relatively cheaply these days, and in some cases, it’s a much easier way to get more considerable potency. You can also get CBD in Dried Cannabis, Cannabis Vapes, CBD Beverages, CBD Edibles like Gummies and Chocolates, CBD sublingual, and even CBD Topicals.
  5. No High. The easiest thing about using and getting a benefit from CBD is the lack of intoxication. You can harness its benefits anywhere or any time without worrying about being able to function.
  6. Kratom. The plant’s dark green leaves are typically dried and either crushed or powdered. You may get reinforced kratom powder.

Interested in learning more about CBD? Be sure to visit us at our location in either Chestermere or Mount Royal! Here you can shop from a variety of products with the help of our expert budtenders or you can even shop online!

5 Essential Benefits for Using CBD Oil

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