Best Product for Sleep and Insomnia

Just about any day of the week in any month, you can find someone who has come in to talk about sleep and what we can do to help. It’s such a common request that we often train Budtenders on day one how to treat these people and start breaking down what they need. Our Chestermere dispensary and Calgary dispensary have a massive amount of products that could help significantly. We’re also very excited about the incoming cannabis delivery that will be happening in early 2022. Often still, people are looking to get something directly to them without coming in.

CBD oil

This is the most often requested product around sleep, and we for sure have some great options, but we find there are some misconceptions around what CBD does around sleep.

CBD we find is a Naturalizer. Its ability to harness your cannabinoid receptors and provide a sense of calm and quiet is often groundbreaking for some. We like to recommend Full Spectrum CBD oils as a first option. They are, however, usually more potent and maybe a tad more expensive.

The Pur Dew oil from Blissco is a staple on our menu and is often a must-have for many of our customers. It’s a full-spectrum oil with an MCT carrier base. The taste is not super strong but is for sure a bit earthy. Another new entry into the market is the Mood Ring CBD Oil. Again in this oil is full-spectrum and has done a fantastic job at maintaining the original flower. It’s Vegan friendly with no GMOs. Another significant factor is the carrier oil is olive oil, which we find much easier on the stomach for some people. We have been pleased with the feedback so far on both. Looking for CBD shop here is best option for you must visit and check.

However, it’s essential to consider that although these oils are great, they don’t do a perfect job of encouraging extended sleep. Like we said CBD is excellent for naturalizing but not perfect for extended rest. This is where we would typically encourage folks to look at small micro doses of THC with their CBD. Often the encouraged entourage effect of both cannabinoids works well in helping people get more long-lasting rest in the evening while avoiding feeling groggy in the morning.


One of the newest and exciting cannabinoids to enter the market has shown some fantastic help with sleep and rest at night in recent studies that were done. CBN acts as sort of a bridge between CBD and THC. It still is an intoxicant and is a psychoactive substance, but it does not cause a substantial-high. It acts more as that measured calming microdose. We have seen some positive results from some of our customers in very early products but are excited about what the future holds as more companies start to look at CBN.

As always, everything depends on a per person’s experience and need. We very often have to adjust to amount, severity, usage requirements, and even budgets. Any Dispensary new you should be able to carry a few different types to accommodate and support you.

Best Product for Sleep and Insomnia

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