Review on Black Cherry Punch – Violet Tourist

So often, we see a new flush of the in Strain! This year it has been Black Cherry Punch that Alberta Cannabis consumers see a wave of. Just in the Calgary cannabis market alone, it’s pretty hard not to find something in a Black Cherry. Brands like Edison, Ness, FIGR and Flower all have pooped out a Black Cherry Punch. However, it’s my opinion that the king of the hill is for sure the Violet Tourist, Super Flower Black Cherry Punch.

Black Cherry Punch should have a bold nose that leaves your mouth watering. It should remind you of cherries and hold nothing back. You should experience levels of claiming and full-body euphoria. The smoke should be clean and tasty.

Here’s the break down:

3.5g $34.99

THC: 21.4

CBD: 0.1

When we first opened this one up, the density left us a bit concerned as it felt almost like it lacked hydration. However, actually handling the bud, it became clear that was not an issue. The nose is unmistakable and potent. The Cherry Abacus smell permeates your senses and makes you want to rush to get it in the grinder.

Grinding it only released more of the smell. The grind was nice and course, perfect for a bong or joint. The darker pigments of the flower also jumped out exposing some of the real curb appeal of the flower.

The smoke is mouthwatering and smooth and loses nothing in the initial impressive curb appeal. Its effects are calming and engaging. You could melt away but also still enjoy a conversation. 

We recommend pairing it with something that has a little bit of bitterness—a coffee perhaps from Neighbour Coffee in Altadore or a Cheese pizza from Spot On in Mount Royal.


Smell: 10

Curb appeal: 8

Taste: 9

Potency: 8

Price: 8

Total: 43

Review on Black Cherry Punch – Violet Tourist

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