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There has been a considerable amount of hype coming for this strain and some very complimentary words for its growers So needless to say, we were all very excited to see if the hype was real for this organic micro cultivator. Who also farms Salmon?

Cake is a rare Indica dominant Hybrid that’s great for hanging out with family and friends and almost instantly “takes the cake” when you see it. It’s very relaxing but not necessarily a knockout punch on the sleep side of things. You’ll more enjoy some fun conversation and open up to a lot of giggles and smiles.

Here’s the break down:

THC: 21.6

CBD: 0.1

When we first opened up, we were instantly struck with its smell. A subtle sweet level of skunk mixed with a sugary sour smell. Almost like peach preserves your grandma used to make. The buds are frosty and sugar-coated with dense, rich trichomes. The second you touch them, you instantly have a little bit of stickiness on your fingers. I did find it maybe a tad over cured, but it was also very dense and thick.

Grinding it up revealed even more of those sweet smells, so we had to put it in the bong. Smoking it was lovely and clean but not terribly overpowering. The hit was smooth, and the jam smell translated subtly into it but transformed in a warm woody smoke. It was a pleasure to smoke, and I would be lying if I was wasn’t quick to pack another bowl.

The effects we very slow and steady, getting deeper and deeper as time went out. No real urge to get coachlocked with a fun and open mind but paired nicely with a very calming body feel.


Smell: 9

Curb appeal: 10

Taste: 8

Potency: 8

Price: 7

Total: 42

Cake – Habitat Life

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