Cannabis Coming Soon to Chestermere June 10th


Lemon Meringue 3.5 g

Sunrise 3.5g

Sage N’ Sour 3.5g

The Ultimate 3.5g

Blue Dream 15 g

VT Superflower Black Cherry Punch 3.5g

Chimp Mints 3.5g

Island Honey 7g

Ghost Train Haze 15g

Black Sugar Rose 15g

Sunset Sherbert 3.5g

Karma 3.5g

Re-Up Indica 28g

Re-Up Sativa 28g

Twd Indica 28 g

GMO Cookies 3.5g

Grapefruit GG4 28g

Sapphire OG 7g

Headstash (Quadra) 3.5 g

The Batch Sativa 28g



Houseplant Sativa 7 g

The Batch Hybrid 28 g

Limelight 7 g

Flower Power 7 g

Tropic Thunder 7 g

Funk Master 7g

Pre Rolls:

Qwest Reserve MAC1 2 x 0.5 g

Tropic Thunder J’s 14 x 0.5g

White Rhino 3 x 0.5g

Headband 3 x 0.5

Jack Haze 2 x 0.5 g

Shungite – Garlic Kush 2 x 0.5g

Ultra OG Kush 4 x 0.5g

Twd. Indica 12 x 0.5 g

Twd. Sativa 12 x 0.5 g

No. 407 Sapphire Daze 5×0.5g

4/20 Rockstar 3 x 0.5g

Stargazer (Sonora) 1 x 0.5 g

Up In The Sky (Denman) 1 x 0.5 g

Cold Creek Kush 10 x 0.35 g

Wappa 10 x 0.35 g

Grapefruit GG1 7 x 0.5g

Shishkaberry 10 x 0.35 g

Monkey Glue 7 x 0.5 g

Starwalker Kush 7×0.5g

Tangie Green 7×0.5g 

Chocolope 3×0.5 g

Verse Originals AMP 1 x 1 g

Sour Kush 12 x 0.35g

Ultra Sour 3 x 0.5 g

10th Planet 10×0.5g

Gluerangutan 0.5 g x 3

No. 427 Retrograde 7 x 0.5g

Twd. Sativa 1 x 1g


Marley Black 0.5 g

Verse Originals Tropic Lemon 0.3 g

Back Forty Kush Mint Hybrid 0.45 g

Back Forty Super Lemon Haze Sativa 0.45 g

Back Forty Forbidden Fruit Indica 0.45 g 

sugarleaf Boost Sativa 0.5 g

Layered Tunaaaa 0.5 g

Watermelon 0.5 g

Blueberry 0.5 g 

Good Supply Pineapple Express 0.4 g PAX

Herer Haze Full Spectrum 1.0 g

Verse Originals Summer Berry 1.0 g

Verse Originals Mandarin Mint 1.0 g

Verse Originals Tropic Lemon 1.0 g 

Verse Originals Sunset Peach 1.0 g

Grapefruit Kush 0.95 g

Pineapple Dream 0.95 g

Legend Super Sour Diesel Sativa 1.0 g

Legend Bubba Kush Indica 1.0 g

Good Supply Pink Lemon 1.0 g

Tangie Kush 1.0 g

D.Bubba 0.5 g Pax

Avana Outlaw Live Rosin 0.5 g

Forbidden Fruit Indica 1.0 g

Super Lemon Haze Sativa 1.0 g

Back Forty Kush Mint Hybrid 1.0 g

Edibles and Beverages:

Chowie Wowie THC Milk Chocolate

Chowie Wowie THC/CBD Milk Chocolate

Chowie Wowie CBD Dark Chocolate

Kolab Project Cherry Cola Chocolate

Legend Cool Mint Crush Milk Chocolate

Bhang THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate

Deep Space

Affirma Sour Cherry Full Spectrum

Tidal Sour Apple Full Spectrum

Verse Baked Apple Soft Chew

Olli Dragon Fruit Soft Chews

Drift Grape Oasis Soft Chews

San Rafael 71 Watermelon Soft Chews

San Rafael 71 Strawberry Soft Chews

San Rafael 71 Pineapple Soft Chews

San Rafael 71 Blaspberry Soft Chews

Summit Wild Berry Soft Chews

Sunshower Watermelon Lemonade Soft Chews

Sunshower Mango Tangerine Soft Chews 

Sunshower Wild Strawberry Soft Chews

Wana Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Sour Soft Chews

Wana QUICK 1:1 Sour Strawberry Lime Soft Chews

Wana Strawberry Lemonade Sour Soft Chews

Wana QUICK Sour Orchard Peach Sativa Soft Chews

Houseplant Grapefruit

Mollo 5

Blood Orange

Valencene & Tonic

Mango Pineapple


Cloud Buster THC 10 mg x10 Sublingual Strips

Float On THC 10 mg x10 Sublingual Strips


THC Softgels (Sativa) 30 x 5 mg

Indica 20 mL Oral Spray Oil

Fresh Tunaaaa 1g Dabs

THC Oil 30mg / ml x 30 ml

Yawn THC 30 g Drops

Afghani Drifter 0.5g Live Resin

Dosecann CBD x 30 Capsules

Dosecann 1:4 x 30 Capsules

Cannabis Coming Soon to Chestermere June 10th

We really shouldn’t be doing this…

I mean our address book is pretty full…
but I guess we could fit you in.

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