Day Dream – Sundial

Day Dream from Sundial has been a strain around for some time in the Canadian Recreational market. It’s locally grown here in Alberta and is supposed to be a mid-level THC with lots of gas and berry smell to it. It’s dreamy and floaty and would be more geared towards creativity and or uplifting relaxation. What stands out on Day Dream is the rich purple buds. As soon as you open up, the pigmentation stands out and has great curb appeal.

Here’s the breakdown:

THC: 19.8

CBD 0.7

As soon as we opened up to container we the purple pigmented buds stood out right away. The nose on the buds were not intense but still present. The buds were sweet and a little less gasy than I remembered. The buds were not snap dry, and they were slightly nerfy. However, a bit of extra pressure and it crumbled pretty easy. We popped this one in the bong, and unfortunately, this is where it went wrong. We did get slight white-grey ash, but the taste was not reflective of what should be expected. It was very grassy and could even be called similar to smoking hay. The taste was all-around harsh. The experience was soft and comfortable but not nearly as impactful as the THC would lead you to believe. We recommend a skip on this one.


Smell: 6

Curb appeal: 8

Taste: 3

Potency: 5

Price: 5

Total: 27

Day Dream – Sundial

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