Featured Producer – Carmel Cannabis

Hello Calgary and area! Your favourite local dispensary has some more golden products to share with you! This is one of our staff members favourite companies because they focus on high grade, gorgeous buds. Their flower is heavily aromatic, dense, covered in trichomes and packaging that’s  loaded with information about their product. This is a really cool feature from them as far as package design goes because their packaging has EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about their flower. This includes the strain, breeder, genetics/lineage, aroma/flavour profile, appearance, trim and cure. They let you know exactly what to expect, leaving no surprises when you open that bag. This is something that we would love to see more companies doing, because it’s really important to not just focus on THC %. While the THC is still important there’s also factors like terpenes, hydration, cure and trim. All of these factors should be considered when looking to find a high quality company or strain. (if you’re interested in what to look for in a high quality flower check out our other blog: “Picking cannabis for you”) Carmel has all of the practices of a high quality grower nailed, and we are always excited about new and rare strains which is another reason Carmel is so amazing. They also keep their flower super affordable which helps keep us one of the cheapest dispensaries in Calgary. 


Carmel is a small batch craft cannabis company that prides themselves on high quality flower and best practice. They firmly believe that the product their consumers receive should be the best of the best. Which is why their team spends huge amounts of time hunting for new and exciting phenos to introduce to the market. They maintain their quality by growing in small batches, with strain specific lighting and nutrient cycles. Everything is hang dried to produce the best flavours and smooth smoke. Then everything is hand trimmed for best appeal. Everything is cold cured for 14 days in food grade barrels that are burped daily. They also opt to go green with their greenhouse growing process that allows for the sun to grow the plant rather than lights, which conserves electricity, and all of their water is sourced from an artesian well and recycled through the grow to reduce water waste! Calgary dispensaries have a huge selection of flower but not many carry a wide selection of craft or small batch cannabis. This is an elite brand that we would highly recommend to any Calgary weed smoker. From their green thumbs to the passion for cannabis, Carmel really aligns with our values as a locally owned dispensary, so we can feel good buying from them. 


The most common Carmel cannabis strains you’ll be able to find in Calgary dispensaries are the Drew’s pheno, and the animal face. The Drew’s pheno is a rotating strain that is currently the hippie headbanger hybrid and is one of our staff picks. This guy has a huge gas/lime aroma and dense lime green buds. It was a pleasant experience from bag to bong, the aroma fills the room and you can see the buds are coated in trichomes and a beautiful colour. We love to throw on a movie, play video games or a low key hangout with friends after smoking this strain. It gives a mellow high without burning out. Carmel and their phenos have huge flavours and smells that are not comparable to any other company in the Alberta market, and their animal face is also kind of a huge deal. This guy is a gorgeous sativa with a diesel, lemon and cake scent and flavour. Just like the hippie headbanger, the buds are dense and covered in trichomes with a high terpene profile. Animal face is interesting because its lemon cake flavour is very unique to the way Carmel grows and treats their flower. This is such a fun sativa that even our avid Indica smokers loved. We would recommend cleaning the house, working out, doing art or schoolwork on this strain! This is a high focus sativa that makes getting stuff done feel like a breeze. It gives tons of energy and doesn’t have a huge burnout effect which is awesome for those of us on the go. 

Featured Producer – Carmel Cannabis

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