Fraser Valley Donny Burger

Hey Calgary and area! Today we are going to talk about one of our new favourites, Fraser valley! These guys are a craft cannabis company based out of Fraser valley in BC, and only carry buds from the area. They believe in quality cannabis at an affordable price, which we’ve seen first hand. These guys have dense beautiful buds that fill up every oz bag! They take pride in the fact that their bud is all locally sourced from families in and around the area. They have state of the art equipment in their facilities and practices that keep their buds beautiful. Fraser valley strains are grown in pots with 12 days of water flush, which is basically just over watering the plant to remove any minerals and nutrients present in the soil. When nutrients are removed the plant needs to use up any remaining nutrients still present within. This just “flushes” the nutrients out to ensure the plant doesn’t have a nutrient imbalance. They also hang dried their flowers for 14 days and finish with a hand trim to ensure quality.

Their most popular strains in the Calgary dispensaries at the moment would be the Donny burger. This is a gassy/ savoury ounce with a huge nose and a garlicky-cheesy flavour to it. The buds are dense and bright green with orange hairs. This strain is immediately recognizable and amazing. Traditional smooth smoke and the grind goes a bit finer but with the humidity holds the shape of the grinder, with smaller bud structure. The other strain that’s been really popular in Calgary is the Mac-1 from them. This is a really awesome indica ounce with frosty buds, with an earthy and citrusy nose and flavour to it. This strain will leave you feeling happy, euphoric and uplifted, which is awesome if you’re the type of person always on the go! We would highly recommend these strains because we have seen first hand how loved they truly are. Fraser is doing awesome work bringing in some of the cheapest weed in Calgary, that is high quality and has consumers coming back again and again. If you haven’t tried them get to your nearest dispensary and give them a try.

Fraser Valley Donny Burger

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