Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it would be a cool idea to take you into the day of a Budtender with some of the most common questions we get asked. Let’s break down some myths like we’re your minor cannabis store version of CBC Calgary with some snap facts.

We get this a lot for folks looking for edibles in Calgary and Chestermere. It’s simple, but it has a little twist. The straightforward part is the federal government made a maximum of 10mg per pack for edibles. This was done as an initial launch and was a conservative precaution to avoid potential issues if a minor accidentally ate them. The subpart to this is that 10mg is a very acceptable dosage for many users. We have many people that prefer them split four or even five ways.

This is a contentious question as some folks are committed to using THC to measure what’s good and what’s bad. The truth is THC is a part of the measurement of potency but not the key metric of it. The mix of cannabinoid potencies, terpenes, trim and cure all play a massive part in the outcome of the experience.

Every cannabis dispensary near you has heard this a million times. Yes, we all agree on the packaging sucks, but it’s starting to get better. The simple answer to this is the labelling requirements and childproofing were the main culprits of this. The packaging is getting a lot tighter and keeping the product fresh and pristine these days.

Many people think this is a little cannabis hack is the best way to identify if the product is fresh but means nothing. Package date only is relevant to when a package was filled, not when a harvest was completed.

As people start to get into glass and what options might be the best for them, this question arises. Why is the piece smaller than the others? The answer is simple and has to do with the difference between smoking dried cannabis and cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrate, as soon as it’s given the heat, will start to lose potency almost right away. Therefore leaving it in a large piece of glass is not the best practice for consumption. You want it to have has as little time as possible, and therefore, the rig comes into play. The rig is much smaller and will allow you to consume the concentrate almost right away.

We care a lot about what we do and are passionate about our products, so it’s challenging to keep to one thing when we know so much more is entering the market. Not every Calgary and Chestermere dispensary will do this, but we are always on the goal of being the best. We also want to make sure we have the hottest new arrivals for you.

Sativa doesn’t get me high? This is something built around myth and really couldn’t be farther from the truth. What you should be focused on is what genetics and profiles work best for your body. Sativa and Indica are just made-up buckets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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