Fresh Delivery in Calgary – Jan 22nd

Another fresh order of fine goods came in again. Cannabis disposables, Vape Carts, new flower, and so much more. Don’t forget you can get cannabis delivery right to your door! Just order from our online menu.

Heres whats fresh in this week!


29.8% Cross Bow

29% Animal RNTz

28.8% Triple Burger

28.4% El Chemino

27.08% Tangerine Cookies

26.59% Zsweet

26.4% Ksmorz

26.1% Tropicanna

24.9% Sweet Berry Kush

24.8% Jean Guy

23.3% Panda Puff

23.1% Strawberry Guava

21.2% Terple

20.6% Dab Bods Indica

16.8% Dab Bods Sativa


43.2% Blueberry Resin

42% Golden Guy

42% Monkey Walker

40.3% Grape Ape

36.1% Cherry Kush

36% Ninja Fruit

35% Very Cherry

34.8% Grapey Grape

32.9% Billy’s Pheno – Truffle Fuel

31.3% Sputnik – Columbian Gold

30.7% Stargirl – Blueberry Pie

30% Death Star

30% Craft Sampler

29.8% Ripped off RNTZ

27.3% Starfighter

27.2% Blueberry Yum Yum

27.2% Animal RNTZ

27.9% Watermelon Punch

27.2% Mango OG

27.2% Grape Ice

27.1% Frosted Kush Mintz

26.01% Grind Indica 420 – Garlic Breath

26% Showcase

26% Midnight Run

25.9% Cherry Bomb

25.8% Cali Kush

25.3% Grind Sativa 420 – Blue Iguana

24.3% DS Indica J’s

22% Daytime Express

21.7% Gnarberry

21.3% Tropic Thunder

21.2% Sativa J’s

20.1% Warlock

20% 20/20 Vision 20%


91.6% Orange Swirl

91% Purple Monkey

87.5% Island Cherry

86% Bubba Fruit Boombox

85% Forbidden Fruit

85% Kush Mints

83.3% Pink Lemonade

76.2% Cuban Linx

76.1% Triple Burger


Blue Razz

The Orange One

The Blue One

The Yellow One

The Green One

The Purple One

The Pink One

Cream Soda

Pineapple Guava

Pomegranate Dragon Fruit


The Red One


3:1 CBN Blue Raspberry

CBG Red Raspberry


Lemonade Iced Tea

Peach Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Apple Cider

Peach Aple Cider

Boost vanilla Frost

Cream Soda

Alt Black Cherry

Fizz Mango

Black Cherry

Raspberry Iced Tea

Green Apple Cider

Tropical Burst

Island Punch


43.3% Jean Guy Temple Ball 

Oil & Caps:

RSO Caps

Fresh Delivery in Calgary – Jan 22nd

We really shouldn’t be doing this…

I mean our address book is pretty full…
but I guess we could fit you in.

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