Fresh New Delivery

Yes it’s cold out but things are always blazing at Lake City. We welcomed a fresh roster of things to drool over including some new ounces, a brand new genetic from Dank Drops, a big restock on No Future Gummies, and some new and infused pre-rolls. Below is the total list to check out.


33.2% MVP Cookies (Black Sh33p)

32.1% S.A.G.E. (Mood Ring)

30.5% Animal Rntz (Redecan)

28.6% Black Mamba (Ritual Green)

28.4% Sugar Cookies (Muskoka Grown)

28.4% Hawaiian Flowers (Flatlander)

28.1% GMO King Cherry (Dank Drops)

26.2% Slurricane (Windmill)

25.7% Mosa Orange Punch (Er-What)

24.9% Donny Burger (Fraser Valley)

24.9% Grand Daddy Purps (Good Supply)

24.2% Farm Gas (San Rafel)

24.2% Sweet Island Skunk (Versus)

23.8% Cosmic Clusters (Nebulous)

23.3% Wedding Pie (Back Forty)

21.4% GSC x Chemdawg (Windmill)

21% Bake Sale Sativa (Bake Sale)

20.4% Grape Haze (Windmill)

19.8% Strawberry Diesel (Soverign)

19.5% Bake Sale Indica (Bake Sale)


52.7% Fifty Triple (Debunk)

43.5% Rainbow Variety Heavies (ShredX)

43.2% Mother Pucker Peach Heavies (ShredX)

36% Five Loco (General Admission)

34.3% Tiger Blood (General Admission)

34% Blue Rocket (General Admission)

32.4% Space Funk (Super Nova)

32% Guava Stardawg (BoxHot)

31.42% Galactic Glue (Virtue)

31.2% Good Stuff Smokies (Boondocks)

30% Alien OG (BoxHot)

29.3% Hells OG (1Spliff)

29.1% Guava Biscotti (Loud Plug)

28.57% Powdered Donuts (Weed Me)

27.8% Grape Escape (1Spliff)

26.8% Black Mamba (Ritual Green)

26.6% Dragon’s Breath (Hustle and Shake)

26% Ghost Train Haze (Station House)

23% Double Double (Canadian Fire)

22.35 Galactic RNTZ (Tribal)

22.2% Wedding Pie (Back Forty)

21.5% Amherst Sour Diesel (Common Ground)

21.28% Chocolope Blunt (Viridis)

19.6% Berrylicious (Dab Bods)

16.5% Blue Dream (Station House)


61.5% Couch Lock Kush CBN (BoxHot)


Berry Cherry Glitches (Drift)

Pomegranate Glitches (Drift)

Strawberry Lemonade Glitches (Drift)

Blue Rocket (General Admission)

CBN Bedtime Blueberry Lemon (Monjour)

The Blue One (No Future)

The Green One (No Future)

The Orange One (No Future)

The Pink One (No Future)

The Purple One (No Future)

The Red One (No Future)

The Yellow One (No Future)

Cloudberry Snoozer (Shred)

Grapple Juice (Shred)

Megamelon (Shred)

Sour Blue Razzberry (Shred)

Wild Berry Blaze (Shred)

Deep Dreamz (Spinach)

Pineapple Starfruit (Spinach)

Strawberry Mango (Spinach)

Tropical Triple Berry (Spinach)

Orchard Peach (Wana)

Elderberry (Wyld)

Pear (Wyld)

Pomegranate 1:1 (Wyld)

RaspberrySour Apple (Wyld)

Strawberry 20:1 (Wyld)

Huckleberry (Wyld)

Blackberry Lemonade (Wyld)

Strawberry Melon (Wyld)

Pomegranate Blueberry (Wyld)

Marionberry (Wyld)


Original Cola (Bubble)

Wild Raspberry (Riff)

Black Cherry Hash (Sheesh)

Lemonade (Tweed)

Raspberry Iced Tea (Tweed)

Strawberry Lemonade (Tweed)

Island Punch 1:1 (Vacay)

Strawberry Pineapple (Vacay)

Blueberry Pomegranate (Versus)

Key Lime (Versus)

Tropical Fruit (XMG)

Black Cherry (XMG)

Fresh New Delivery

We really shouldn’t be doing this…

I mean our address book is pretty full…
but I guess we could fit you in.

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