Fun things to do in Chestermere in the Summer 

1: Come visit Lake City!!

Our team would love to meet you and help you out with any questions you may have about cannabis or nearby restaurants, or activities here in Chestermere! 

2: Go to the beach

Way fun option to go and enjoy some sunshine and swimming! This is a neat little Chestermere hot spot because its within walking distance of nearby plazas with things like ice cream shops, Tim Hortons, Gas stations (for slurpees!), nail salons and more!

3: Bike park 

A Really cool bike park that’s fun for everyone of all skill levels. There’s ramps, jumps, and all kinds of twisty paths! If biking isn’t for everyone in the team there’s a park right next to it within eyesight! When you’re done for the day there’s a Gas station down the street with soft serve, slurpees and treats!

4: Skate park 

The skate park has all kinds of ramps, flat rails, curbs and more! This is a park that’s great for learning and experienced users!

5: Bike paths 

Chestermere is surrounded with bike paths that will take you to all kinds of small paths with gardens, benches, rivers, bridges and next to the lake. The paths are a great way to get some sunshine and exercise while enjoying the scenery. The Paths near the canal on the west side of Chestermere have a beautiful view and a blue bridge with tons of instagram potential.

6: Library/ Lower lake 

The library here in Chestermere has a huge selection of books to choose from and a few cool reading programs like story time, book clubs and reading challenges! Once you’ve got a good book. Head out to the beautiful lakeside park right next door! With a gorgeous gazebo to relax in, it doesn’t get more serine. 

7: Golf course

Golfers will absolutely love the golf course here in town, with huge greens, water features, and a golf shop that’s on trend with its inventory. This course is great for players of all levels and a restaurant that has a huge menu and craft beer selections.

Fun things to do in Chestermere in the Summer 

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