Gas Berries #112 – OGEN

We love locally grown weed, especially weed-grown right here in the Calgary area. So when Gas Berries #112 from OGEN came up, we had to try it. Gas Berries is an Indica dominant strain with a rich and fruity smell and is great for mellowing out at night. It can be rich in trichomes and also have purple pigmentations depending on the grow. Sleep, sleep, and sleep is great activities for this strain.

Here’s the break down:

THC: 23.8

CBD: 0.7

First impressions as you open the package is a powerful berry smell with a hint of gas. The buds themselves are super frosty and nerfy. Even at 18%, we predicted a much more robust experience based on the trichomes’ density and stickiness. We were right. The smoke is smooth and sweet, with a subtle taste of unripened berries. Of course, we hit this from the bong and got nothing but white ash and tasty smoke. Gas Berries was overall a very pleasant treat from OGEN. The effects did not take long, and this one is very much a sleeper. Almost instantly, our eyes got heavy, and yawns were not far behind. It’s almost assured as a bedtime strain.


Smell: 8

Curb appeal: 9

Taste: 9

Potency: 8

Price: 7

Total: 41

Gas Berries #112 – OGEN

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