High Seas (Ghost Train Haze) – REEF

Ghost Train Haze is a classic energy strain that you just can’t not love. It’s focused and detailed but also a lot of fun. Clean your house, take on a project, or dive deep into conversation. However, it’s not a great choice for people who are new or get anxious quickly. So when we had the oppourtunity to check out this organic option from Reef, brand named High Seas, we jumped at the chance.

Here’s the break down:
THC: 23.8
CBD: 0.7

The first initial smell is that standard haze. Clean and crisp. At the time of opening it, we weren’t actually sure it was a Ghost Train Haze, but our Budtender Colten picked it up right away and then confirmed it was. There’s also some subtle lime and citrus and is overall pleasant. The curb appeal leaves something to be desired, but for a Ghost Train Haze, which can be grown flowery and small, it’s passable. The dryness, considering the price point, is shy of where it should be.

Once it’s ground up, it reveals an even more dominant smell of Ghost Train Haze and overall grinds well. We smoked it out of the bong, and it was absolutely clean and fantastic. The taste was hefty on that crisp haze and was very enjoyable. Nice white ash aswell.

The experience was super energetic and fun, leaving me with plenty of energy later into the evening. Over time the taste evolved to have light hints of cinnamon as well. I would, for sure, classify it has a potent option to be careful with.

Smell: 8
Curb appeal: 5
Taste: 8
Potency: 8
Price: 6

Total: 35

High Seas (Ghost Train Haze) – REEF

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