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Hey Calgary and area! Today we are talking about one of our favourite local growers, Joi Botanicals! These guys know their stuff, and it’s no secret why they never last on our shelves for longer than a few days. Joi grows some beautiful, dank and dense flower, made for the craft cannabis crowd. Today we’re gonna talk all about their grow process, strains, harvest, trim and some of our favourite things about them as well. Joi is based out of Alberta, and they focus on sustainability, technology, and perfection. They want to deliver a superior experience to cannabis connoisseurs, and they provide that with hand trimmed, hang dried, single room strains, right down to their all black (reuseable!!) glass containers. We love them because they are always consistent, and our staff know that customers are going to be excited about their products. Our personal best seller from joi is their purple punch mints 28 gram bags. It’s the perfect standard of excellence, dense, hydrated, aromatic, flavourful and frosted with trichomes. This comes from the Purple punch X Kush mint #11 strain lineage, giving it grape/blueberry/minty flavour and aroma that’s complex and sophisticated. This is an oz that will definitely make you crave more of their flower. But not every dispensary near you will ahve it so call ahead.


Joi is focused on excellence and ensures their flower is always top shelf and high grade. They do this by growing their flower in single strain rooms, which means each strain is separated and tended to its particular needs in separate rooms. This allows for the growers to have a full perspective of how the strain should look, when it’s not ready to harvest, and when it’s finally reached it’s full potential. Each plant will have its own set of needs and they have thought of that too. They also have fully automated environmental controls, which controls the nutrients and water. Having fully automated controls can have a bunch of benefits to the plants. It can improve vegetation quality, reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, and can be designed to accommodate other certain features. this ensures that they are able to keep consistent with their process and are surveyed often. They then have staff members cultivate, trim and harvest so that there are no cut corners. The staff decide which plants are ready to be cultivated and which plants need a bit more time. They do this because they want every plant to be its finest before harvesting and they pride themselves on allowing flexibility so that each crop can be as impressive as the last. Once the flower has been harvested they hang dry the plant for 11-14 days. Everything is hand trimmed with care, and stored in drum containers with their specialized seal. This is to keep the plants humidity level, and terpenes preserved so the flower is in its best conditions when packaged and delivered to customers. From the sealed bins they are moved into their signature glass jars and ready to be shipped out. 


In this industry sustainability is a luxury, with packaging being plastic bags, jars and tubes it’s hard to figure out how to properly recycle. Sustainability is another area where Joi can proudly display their green thumb. They use an ozone and water UV treatment to get rid of unwanted inorganic, organic and microbial contaminants from the water, so it can be re-used. They do this on a molecular level without any leftover chemical byproduct, which doesn’t waste any water. They also have beautiful thick black glass jars that can be repurposed! Some of our favourite ways are: using it for different weed (obviously), small planters, jewellery/ring holders, mini terrarium, skincare jars, change jars, loose tea storage, homemade candles, this list goes on and on! This is just one small step into cannabis sustainability, but some strong foundations are being laid. 


We are huge fans of everything being done at Joi. From their quality to their sustainability is perfection. Let’s talk lake city staff favourites! Some of our staff favorites from Joi include their grape cake, currently offered in 3.5 grams. This is a beautiful indica that feels great from the moment the jar is in your hands. The heavy black glass protects the terpenes and quality of the flower, and once you open it your nose is filled with grape/vanilla aroma. The buds have a purple hue and are heavily coated in trichomes. The flavour on this is amazing, and potent. That vanilla and grape aroma is perfectly translated into the flavour profile of this strain. Their fairly recent release of the super lemon haze CBD has also impressed our staff. The glass white jar is the differentiating design for their CBD flower. This strain had gorgeous lime buds with orange hairs and a strong, appetizing lemon/citrus aroma and flavour. Overall this strain didn’t provide much of a head high but a mellow, energized effect. The CBD didn’t make this strain feel drowsy or lazy because of its sativa dominant features. This was great for socializing, cleaning the house and doing things! 

Joi as been a very popular offering across the country. Weed stores are loving their offerings to customers because the value and quality are just so high.

Joi Botanicals

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