Lake City Cannabis Monthly Product Feature – Reign Drops

Hello, Calgary cannabis connoisseurs! In this blog post, we are going to chat about cannabis oil, how to use it, brands we recommend, and other interesting information about oils.

How Oils Work

Oils are a great way for consumers to ingest cannabis and are very easy to use, which makes them appealing to many people. There is a slower onset with oils so it could take around 30 minutes to feel full effects. This is because the oil can be broken down by the mucus membrane found in the gums, under the tongue, and in the cheeks. This is how your body processes the first drops of oil when you put them in your mouth, which could result in effects starting within minutes because of the quick absorption. The rest is swallowed and later processed by the liver and then slowly enters the body through the bloodstream. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the bloodstream to absorb the oil; this is because the oil needs time to travel through the body and digest.

Start Low, Go Slow

When starting with oils it’s always best to go slowly. Grab an oil from your local dispensary and look for anything around 10-25 mg of THC. If there’s added CBD that’s okay too; that will stretch your product out a little bit and enhance the effectiveness of your THC. “Start low, go slow” is something you regularly hear from our staff, and what we mean by that is to consider starting with 0.3 ml – 0.5 ml of a syringe (depending on the mg of THC) and if you aren’t feeling anything after 1.5 to 2 hours, up the dosage by 0.1 ml- 0.2 ml. Keep doing that until you have reached a full 1 ml syringe. This way you are slowly building your body’s tolerance to the THC while still maintaining its effects. Dosing can be a tricky obstacle to overcome if you have little-to-no experience with cannabis. It’s best to always ask if you have questions, and your local dispensary budtender should be able to help you out. Once you’ve brought yourself up to a full 1 ml syringe you may want to think about increasing the strength of your oil or taking more than 1 syringe. Both are great options, but make sure you’re sticking with what’s most comfortable for you.


Many people use cannabis oil for sleep and Reign Drops from Redecan would be one of the better ways to go. There is a common misconception that CBD is the sleeping aid in cannabis but usually THC or CBN is the better route to take. This is because both THC and CBN have psychoactive effects, meaning they activate the brain. Cannabinoids like THC or CBN activate the adenosine levels in the brain, which suppresses the brain’s arousal system and could cause sleepiness. CBD, however, does not have any psychoactive effects, but it is considered an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxant and can sometimes cause people to become tired.

THC Oil Recommendations

Here at your favourite Chestermere dispensary, we have a few THC oils we would recommend! For beginners, we like to recommend the Solei Free oil because of its low mg and its cost-effectiveness. For medium to more experienced users, we like to recommend the Penelope spray from Tweed because it has a 20-26 mg THC range and a 15-20 mg CBD range. This is a great one because its CBD content really helps level out the THC and it’s a slower step up in potency to some of the stronger options. The downside with sprays is that they are a lot harder to ensure consistency per dose. The dose is very important when finding out what works best for you; that’s why we generally wouldn’t recommend a spray for a newer user. Finishing with the cult favourite: The Redecan Reign drops. These guys are a 30 mg/THC oil that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. This oil is formulated in Ontario and put through an ethanol extraction and then diluted to maintain concentration. This is not always the best start for a beginner because of the high milligram of THC, but it’s great for slightly more seasoned users. This really is the star of the show for THC oils because people want the best bang for their buck. It’s a cost-effective option and you can start as low as 0.1 ml if you want to start slowly and build your dosage this way. Calgary dispensaries have made this product a staple in their menus and we understand why! It has become a widely used and available product and people can’t seem to get enough of it.

If you’re looking for cannabis oil, you’ve come to the right place! Come visit us at Lake City Cannabis today!

Lake City Cannabis Monthly Product Feature – Reign Drops

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