Lemon Pepper Live Resin Review

We were excited a few weeks ago to get in-store the Lemon Pepper live Resin from Purple Hills out of Creemore, Ontario. The live resin is a high potency extract made from Fresh flower that’s then frozen. It’s best used in a dab rig, and because it’s high in Limonene, which we will highlight a bit later, it should be consumed at around 350F.

Here’s the breakdown:

1g $49.99

THC: 64

CBD: 0.1

When we first opened this unit, it held back nothing. The massive aromatic nose was instantly notable. The rich smell of citrus almost made your mouth water instantly water. It was also balanced by a pepper undertone that almost brought it together in my nose like Gatorade powder. The colour was nearly a bit hazy, like orange rind, but the texture was brilliant.

The smoke on it lost absolutely nothing from the smell. You got a dominant rich flavour that was undeniable. It burnt incredibly clean in the banger with almost zero dark residues. I did find the high not as intense as other options on the market, but the overall experience made up for that.

We recommend owning this one and getting out into nature. Grab an Ice Coffee and hit a park. Chestermere has some fantastic little parks to check out, including Annivesray Park right on Chestermere Lake. Also, if you’re craving for a bit more, just search cannabis near me, and you will find Lake City Cannabis.


Smell: 10

Curb appeal: 8

Taste: 9

Potency: 6

Price: 7

Total: 40

Lemon Pepper Live Resin Review

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