Lets talk Terps

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Local dispensaries throw around many different terms like; live resin, cold cure, terpenes, trichomes and many more. These can get confusing and difficult to manage, so let’s break them down. Trichomes are the sticky, translucent “dust” that coats the buds and are very important to the cannabis plant’s survival and growth! They help with the plant’s aroma, flavour, and colour pigmentation and attract pollinators. Terpenes are the part of the plant that gives it the flavour and smell but can also have many physical and mental benefits. Terpenes are also found in plants other than cannabis, an example would be linalool, a common terpene found in lavender. This is what gives it its distinct smell and taste. Plants create terpenes to protect themselves from weather, predators and sunlight. Terpenes are not generally psychoactive, but some of them do affect the brain. There are over 400 terpenes found in various plants, but there have only been very few identified and studied. Linalool is a common terpene found in essential oils and is said to aid in relaxation, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. Each terpene has a scent, flavour and benefits, making each unique. Other cannabis compounds can work together with terpenes, and this is what’s called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a synergy between all of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant. This means the terpenes and cannabinoids will work together to give you the desired effect, depending on the strain and your personal needs.

What’s Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum is another term your local dispensary has probably talked about or advertised on cannabis products. Full-spectrum means that the plant has kept all of its original compounds. The cannabinoids, terpenes, trichomes and other compounds are left in their complete state to enhance the entourage effect. You may also see this as a live terpene, live Resin or live Roisin. Full-spectrum cannabis extracts can be made into edibles, vapes, and concentrates, which makes them a more widely available product for you to try. The Canna SQUARZ full spectrum chocolates are delicious and give a fuller experience compared to other chocolates that are made with distillate. Live resin is another extraction process that preserves the flavours and aroma. They do this by freezing the plant immediately after harvest, and the trichomes and other valuable plant compounds can be preserved. Then these plants can be processed using butane, propane or other solvents. The Sticky Greens “Fruity O’s” Terp bursts is a great entry level live resin that shows the quality difference between a regular distillate compared to a live resin cartridge.

What’s Live Resin

The main difference between a cured resin and a live resin is that the cured resin will be made from dried plant material, whereas a live resin is made from frozen plant material. Any live terpene or live resin will typically be a full spectrum. One of our favourite live resin brands is Kolab Project, they have a plethora of live resin, live terp and full-spectrum products. Their 232 series contains vapes, concentrates and “terpene sticks.” Their vapes come in an I.C.C, Black Cherry Punch and slurricane strains. Kolab uses flash-frozen single strains for this particular series, which preserve the plant’s natural terpenes and original profile. These vapes are a great starter to live resin if you’ve never tried it because the product is so clean and easily distinguished from other vapes. Their 132 series is their live resin-infused edibles, these offer a high-quality, well-rounded experience because the edibles are made of much higher quality distillates than their competitors.

Lets talk Terps

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