Opening our South Calgary Dispensary

Our concept for Lake City Mount Royal was a year in the making. We were presented the opportunity in late June and, after looking at the location, saw the opportunity. The lot itself sits in a beautiful area, but the surrounding businesses are also fantastic. There are medical services, pizza, salons, and a bustling local restaurant called Spot On.

We’re adjacent to the new development area called Mount Royal, a part of the Currey Barracks, which is full of young families and some retirement communities. However, not far if you head a little bit, East is the community of Altadore, which is very well established. Altadore currently has no dispensary supporting it except for a bit up the road at Mardaloop Cannabis. To the North and West of us are Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Killarney, Signal Hill, and Rutland Park. They have a few different dispensaries serving them, including Co-Op Cannabis, Value Buds, and a few others. However, when we took a look, we saw a critical gap—a lack of selection and a series of noncompetitive pricing. There is always an ask for cheap weed, and we can for sure be the cheap bud shop, but it has to be more than that.

Lake City Cannabis has always been focused on being by the customer and for the customer. Everything from cannabis product selection to even a proprietary smell we add into the store. We carry almost all of the most asked-for options in the province.

Spinach Diesel
Solei Free
Citizen Stash Mac 1
Redecan Redees
OGEN Ounces

And lots more!

Where not just a Cannabis Dispensary. We’re aiming to be the trusted source in Calgary cannabis.

Opening our South Calgary Dispensary

We really shouldn’t be doing this…

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