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Why can’t I see your menu?

According to the AGLC’s new regulations, ALL cannabis retailers must now provide an age gate that can reasonably verify the consumer’s age. This means that we are now required to use a login screen to verify you are of legal age before you can view our menus.

Why are other retailers not age gating their menus?

Some retailers in the province have chosen to remain non-compliant while they develop these systems. However, they will be required to comply in the weeks to come. The AGLC has not policed this yet as they are focussing on age-gating online system approvals, but they could start enforcing the regulations at any time.

Why did we have access to check menus before?

The AGLC decided not to enforce this issue earlier to make sure that people could safely access cannabis. However, the AGLC’s interpretation of the federal Cannabis Act is that these pictures must be protected from those who could be under legal age.

Will my past logins work?

No, unfortunately, we are currently unable to integrate past logins.

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Q and A

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