RADsicles: An Adult Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

As we head into the summer months, you can ask almost anyone in Alberta to name one of their favourite treats to beat the heat and they will say an ice-cold freezie. Many people are looking to up their freezie game and are searching out adult-infused options to pair with their summer recreation plans. Luckily, Really Awesome Dope has released their cannabis infused RADcicle freeze pops in four delicious flavours we remember very well: cream soda, blue raspberry, cherry, and grape.

From our experience, RADcicles taste exactly as the freezer pops we remember and have little-to-no distillate aftertaste. Effects tended to have a rapid onset, which allows you to enjoy RADcicles in the moment rather than consuming beforehand as you would a traditional edible. They are also a great way to enhance the high you may feel from other cannabis consumption methods. The single-serve 10 mg option allows you to feel a faster onset, which is ideal when you are looking for the full effects all at once. In contrast, there are 2.5 mgs of cannabis infused into each freezer pop in the four-pack, making them a good option for times when you are looking to consume a smaller amount of cannabis, also known as a microdose, or to slowly build your high over a period of time. Both size formats cater to the specific high you seek, depending on the day. The latter option gives you a perfect cannabis-infused alternative compared to other types of adult freeze pops available to consumers in the mixed beverage market.

Intrigued? RADcicles are a great choice for a hot summer day – but are they available at a weed store near you? A lot of weed stores don’t carry them yet, so these frozen treats can be hard to find. Luckily, for valued customers looking for a Calgary dispensary with these sweet, summer treats, Lake City Cannabis stocks both the single-serve and four pack options in store at the Chestermere and Calgary Mount Royal locations and online for pickup and delivery.

For more information about RADcicles, stop by and speak with our knowledgeable budtenders who are here to assist you. Visit us today!

RADsicles: An Adult Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

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