Same-Day Calgary Weed Delivery

Cannabis delivery has officially rolled out in Alberta, and Lake City Cannabis was one of the first five retailers to offer same-day weed delivery. In our first week, almost every customer received their cannabis delivery in less than one hour.

However, as a consumer, it isn’t easy to search “cannabis delivery near me” or even “dispensary delivery near me” and get a lot of results. Many retailers have decided to wait on providing this service or to not pursue delivery or even offer cannabis mail orders. There are several reasons why, but the regulations put in place by the AGLC have made cannabis delivery difficult, and offering delivery can be logistically complex for businesses. Fortunately, Lake City Cannabis is up to the task of cannabis delivery in Calgary as well as in Chestermere and area.

All dispensaries are now required to provide hard age gates that confirm someone is of legal age to access website menus – regardless if they choose to deliver weed. In a significant shift across the province, you will now notice a login requirement. We have tried to make the sign-up process as quick and straightforward as possible by providing three easy ways to get a login:

  1. Authenticate using our instant online tool that verifies your ID in seconds
  2. Text authenticate with one of our staff
  3. Authenticate in-store

Right now, in the core area around our shops, delivery fees are as low as $3.50, but we are working on bonus days where customers could get free cannabis delivery. There are no limits on what you can order, and we even offer multiple weed deliveries if you want more than 30g. Customers anywhere in Calgary can get same-day weed delivery in potentially less than one hour.

We can deliver every product we have in our store including:

  1. Dried Flower
  2. Pre-Rolls
  3. Vapes
  4. Concentrates like shatter, rosin, hash, wax and diamonds
  5. Oils and Capsules
  6. CBD Oil
  7. Accessories

We can also ship cannabis anywhere Canada Post delivers in Alberta.  We’re especially excited for what this service means for those with mobility or transportation issues as we believe cannabis delivery is exceptionally important for these consumers. Lake City Cannabis have had many customers who are unable to drive, and, with our new cannabis delivery service, we can now support them. Cannabis delivery is a win-win for Lake City Cannabis and for our customers. We are excited to provide weed delivery in Calgary or Chestermere and our customers are excited to have the option available.

To find out more, follow the link to log in or verify your account.

Same-Day Calgary Weed Delivery

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