Strain Review #1: Battle of the Stores! Lilac Diesel Superflower from Violet Tourist

Lilac Diesel Superflower from Violet Tourist

I’d like to start something new here and introduce Strain Review Saturdays and Sundays! Every weekend we’re going to review a strain so that you, our readers, can get some honest thoughts about the products we carry! Because we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.

Today I’m bringing you something special for “Sativa Saturday”! It’s safe to say that the staff at Lake City Cannabis are HUGE fans of the Black Cherry Punch Superflower from Violet Tourist. Whether it was their mini j’s or the 3.5g bag we couldn’t recommend it more… UNTIL they released another new strain of their superflower- Lilac Diesel.

Lilac Diesel is one of their new sativa’s, however, this bud is not like the others! Being a cross of Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, NYC Cherry Pie and Critical Glue, this strain sure isn’t your typical uplifting energizing sativa strain but it still impressed, nonetheless. Both our Chestermere and Mount Royal dispensaries were lucky enough to receive some in their deliveries this past week (although Calgary won and got it first with their Monday deliveries) and you know we staff members just HAD to snag some.

Aaron’s Review (LP): “Lilac Diesel has made it into my top three. In my eighth were giant, multicolored trichy buds. There was a citrus/floral nose to it off the grind with a sweet/gassy note in the background. Flavor was great via bong and it was a super chill high. Dy-no-myite!


Chelsea’s Review (Chestermere): “The aromatic nose on this flower once you open up the package is amazing! The buds are nice and nerfy and when it comes out of the grinder it’s like kinetic sand and the nose on it opens up even more. It smells like someone smushed a lime in your face with a but of diesel on the end. The smoke is smooth and is a nice deisel with a salty gritty bitey lime margarita note at the end. Really enjoyed the high, uplifting but super chill. 9/10”.  

            PS: Our budtender Madiy says she agree’s with everything Chelsea says but would give it a 10/10.

Kat’s Review (LP): “What can I say about this one? Great sized frosty buds, very visually appealing. Strong nose inside the bag of citrus, gas, and lilac flowers and personally found the lilac smell to come out even more once ground (very light and relaxing ambiance). Once lit, the smell definitely translated over into the smoke as well as the taste. The smoke itself was super smooth and had a nice white ash to finish. I personally got less of the citrus and found it to be heavier on the lilac and gas, but I was more than okay with it. Very chill high but still cerebral and uplifting, I’d compare it to more of a hybrid feel than what is expected of traditional sativa’s, but it was still extremely enjoyable. Overall, 10/10!”.

Well, there you have it folks! We would highly recommend this strain to pretty much anyone! If you typically shy away from Sativa’s (like Chelsea) this could definitely be a great option for you to branch out to! If you love Sativa like myself (Kat) and Madiy, this won’t disappoint because it’s still uplifting! And if you’ve never tried Violet Tourist- what are you doing?! You definitely should! If you do try it- message us on Instagram and let us know what you think.

Strain Review #1: Battle of the Stores! Lilac Diesel Superflower from Violet Tourist

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