Top Edibles in Alberta You Need to Try!

The edible industry in Canada is growing rapidly, and it seems like every other week there’s a new edible or two in the market. Whether it be a new brand, new flavor or even a new style, we are so fortunate to have an ever-evolving industry willing to cater to all levels of consumers and all different palates.


The Calgary edible market is continuously growing, and one of the most popular products to some surprise is the CBD line of edibles. With no intoxicating effects, one might wonder why CBD or balanced edibles are so prolific in recreational dispensaries in and near the Calgary area

CBD is well known for its medicinal properties, and is generally seen as calming and relaxing, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. There has been an increase in studies showing that there may also be neuroprotective benefits as well. As many people who are looking for CBD may not be interested in most cannabis products, whether it be due to the stigma, flavor or simply the smell, many more can acknowledge the benefits. This is why many dispensaries nearby may recommend edibles as a much more appetizing alternative.

For one who is looking for high concentrations of CBD, without the concentrated flavor of cannabis, edibles are the best product to consider. In terms of formats, we can take a look at a few different options such as; Gummies, Chocolate, Beverages or Capsules.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Dynathrive line, with their Pomegranate and Apple Cider Vinegar(which tastes a lot more like apple juice) gummies. Made with real fruit juice, these are low in added sugars. Both of which are available in packs of 30 and contain a precisely dosed with 10mg of CBD using a purified isolate to ensure there is no THC and you get a consistent result with each dose.
  • Wana Brands gummies are another excellent brand, But unlike the Dynathrive brand, these gummies are finished off with a heavy sprinkling of sugar and it’s delicious. Wana recently brought ten packs of CBD gummies to the Alberta Cannabis market, and with only 1mg of THC and the option of either 10mg(Strawberry) or 20mg(Blood Orange) per piece of CBD, these have been proving to be very successful. Made with pectin, and a terpene enhanced distillate, you can expect to get more of an entourage effect out of these than most other edible offerings.
  • Despite not being a gummy, the cannabis wellness brand of Noon & Night has one of the best CBD products on the market with their Full Spectrum Omega-3 Fish Oil CBD Softgels. With a heavy dose of CBD at 30mg, while Reaping the benefits of a full spectrum, you also get the additional benefit of an Omega-3 supplement all in one!
  • CBD-infused honey is a natural sweetener enriched with hemp extract. The pure CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants, then infused into the honey. … Gold Bee CBD honey sticks contain 10 mg of CBD per count, which makes them perfect for infusing CBD into drinks or even whole dishes.

Balanced / THC and CBD:

Next to the CBD Edibles, Another popular offering in Calgary Dispensaries are edibles containing THC with either an equivalent or higher, dose of CBD. With all the benefits previously mentioned, combined with some mild psychoactive effects or intoxication, this category of edibles may be the most popular, as you are meeting in the middle and getting the best of both worlds. Some may find that having their CBD accompanied with THC can unlock a much more rounded experience and is an excellent option for either new consumers or seasoned veterans looking for a bit more out of their edibles.

Some of the most popular options currently available include:

  • Shred’ems Wild Berry Blaze, at 10mg of THC a pack, this 4 pack of gummies are rich with CBD. With each gummy containing 2.5mg of THC, it has a whopping 10mg of CBD, which is 40mg per package. One of the most exciting things about these gummies is there is virtually no Cannabis flavour, resulting in an excellent tasting gummy whether or not you enjoy cannabis. With the relatively low dose of THC per gummy and the high CBD content, these gummies are excellent for anyone dealing with ailments and especially first time consumers who may be a little more hesitant to try an edible for the first time.
  • Wana Brands is back on the list! Wana has plenty of offerings and many of which contain a nice balance of both THC and CBD in different Dosages. One of the most popular with dispensaries near me is the Blueberry Pomegranate Acai. with 2 pieces in a package, each contains 5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD and that delicious sugary coating and recipes that you can expect with all the Wana Brands Products.
  • Chowie Wowie, one of the first edible brands that came into the Alberta recreational cannabis market, is still going strong with their Chowie Wowie 1:1 Chocolate. This hearty brick of chocolate contains an even dose of both THC and CBD with 10mg of each and possesses a Toblerone-like separation if you prefer to only have 5mg at a time. Again with hardly any cannabis taste, Chowie Wowie has been a staple in nearly every Calgary and Area pot shop.


Finally, for the fun stuff, THC edibles are great for consumers who are looking for the fun parts of cannabis but like to stay discreet, prefer not to smoke in general, or again, dislike the flavour or smell of weed. With so many excellent options, many suggest shopping by prefered flavours. For most, it’s hard to even fathom where to start.

If you’re looking for a good time, some of our favourite THC edible recommendations are:

  • XMG Beverages, in case you’re unaware of Roman Numerals, the name simply means they contain 10mg. With currently 4 different flavor options (watermelon, citrus, tropical fruit and mango pineapple) you’re bound to find one that fits your palate. One of the excellent advantages of the beverage format is you can generally expect an accelerated onset time, as your body will be able to absorb a liquid much faster than a solid. And with these great summer flavors, you’ll be chilling in no time. 
  • Kolab might not be very well known in the edible market, as their primary focus tends to be in concentrates, but their Cherry Cola Pop Chocolate is probably one of the most fun edibles in Canadian Dispensaries. With the delicious taste of cherry cola and the excitement of popping candy in the chocolate, it’s hard not to enjoy this fun edible!

Top Edibles in Alberta You Need to Try!

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