Weed Delivery Calgary – Are You Ready?

You heard us right, Calgary and area! Weed delivery in Alberta is on its way. The Alberta Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis (AGLC) have given the go-ahead on Alberta-wide delivery on March 8th, 2022. Meaning you can order weed online and have it delivered right to your door, whether that’s through a delivery person or even mail order.

How did we get here? Well, the industry itself has been lobbying for the closure of the AGLC online cannabis store for some time. Alberta has never been a big fan of state monopolies, and this one is finally coming to an end. The most significant benefit is that it will help strengthen current retailers and provide faster and better service to communities. Cannabis delivery, we believe, will soon become a huge part of our business. Alberta is pretty late to the party, with Provinces like Ontario and BC already heavily rolled out.

Weed delivery has also been a significant factor for the unregulated markets. Many people can’t go to a shop or would prefer to just stay at home. We expect some people to now want to try things out with legalized retailers. Pricing in past years has become competitive, and the quality has moved mountains. Now removing the friction of having to head to a store could be very positive.

Another big factor is supporting those with disabilities. Many people don’t have the means or physical capability to make it to the store. For example, our Calgary cannabis shop is adjacent to a care physicality. During the winter, many of those people cannot navigate the snow and ice to get to us. Now with this, those people can be supported instantly. We intend to make this process as simple as possible and look forward to serving this community.

Cannabis delivery will be done differently through different retailers, but they will have the option of a self-delivery service or a third-party delivery service. Here at Lake City Cannabis, we have opted to deliver ourselves for a more personal experience. The staff you know and love can provide cannabis to you when you want it. Delivery times are up to you (within hours of operation) and can even be set ahead of time, depending on the retailer/ delivery service. Same-day delivery is also going to be an option for those of you who don’t feel up to going to grab it that day. We get it. We’re here to make sure your cannabis delivery is curated to fit your schedule and make that as easy as possible. However, some changes have to happen to ensure we can provide this service to you. Lake City and many other cannabis stores will need to improve and roll out “Hard Age Gates.” The purpose of these age gates is to prevent and limit underage people from reviewing our online menus. This is to fall in compliance with the Federal Cannabis Act. This will mean that you will need to log in and create a profile to jump our age gate in the future. You may need to provide your ID so we can verify those details.

Weed Delivery Calgary – Are You Ready?

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