Fraser Valley Donny Burger

Hey Calgary and area! Today we are going to talk about one of our new favourites, Fraser valley! These guys are a craft cannabis company based out of Fraser valley in BC, and only carry buds from the area. They believe in quality cannabis at an affordable price, which we’ve seen first hand. These guys […]

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Featured Producer – Carmel Cannabis

Hello Calgary and area! Your favourite local dispensary has some more golden products to share with you! This is one of our staff members favourite companies because they focus on high grade, gorgeous buds. Their flower is heavily aromatic, dense, covered in trichomes and packaging that’s  loaded with information about their product. This is a […]

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Back to Mount Royal University and what to do

Hey Calgary and area! Let’s talk about some fun things to do around the Calgary Mount Royal University area while baked! This is super close to our Lincoln Park Dispensary, which also has some of the largest selections of concentrates, vapes and ozs!  Being a new student can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar […]

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Joi Botanicals

Hey Calgary and area! Today we are talking about one of our favourite local growers, Joi Botanicals! These guys know their stuff, and it’s no secret why they never last on our shelves for longer than a few days. Joi grows some beautiful, dank and dense flower, made for the craft cannabis crowd. Today we’re […]

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Fun things to do in Chestermere in the Summer 

1: Come visit Lake City!! Our team would love to meet you and help you out with any questions you may have about cannabis or nearby restaurants, or activities here in Chestermere!  2: Go to the beach Way fun option to go and enjoy some sunshine and swimming! This is a neat little Chestermere hot […]

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Picking cannabis for you

Hello Calgary! Let’s talk about how our staff choose their flower, and what they look for in a high quality bud. What a high quality flower really comes down to is: dense, aromatic, “dusty”, and moist buds. This can be confusing to find when your local dispensary probably uses terms like: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, dense, […]

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Lets talk Terps

Hey Calgary! Local dispensaries throw around many different terms like; live resin, cold cure, terpenes, trichomes and many more. These can get confusing and difficult to manage, so let’s break them down. Trichomes are the sticky, translucent “dust” that coats the buds and are very important to the cannabis plant’s survival and growth! They help […]

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Cannabis Industry Market Call: July 2022

This is our Lake City Market Call for the month of July. We cover the ongoing in Alberta Cannabis and trends in the cannabis community. These Market Calls are meant to be for the benefit of growers and retailers alike. June was an exciting month in cannabis, with several stand-out trends and some overall dips […]

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Infused Suppositories

Hello, Calgary and area! There are some new and exciting products coming to dispensaries near you – including Prairie Grass’ infused suppositories. They are the first of their kind to the market and have left people with questions. Suppositories can be a difficult conversation, let alone with your budtender – but it doesn’t have to […]

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RADsicles: An Adult Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

As we head into the summer months, you can ask almost anyone in Alberta to name one of their favourite treats to beat the heat and they will say an ice-cold freezie. Many people are looking to up their freezie game and are searching out adult-infused options to pair with their summer recreation plans. Luckily, […]

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